The Culture

Beat Ya Feet a is an underground street dance culture that was popularized in the late 1990’s by a young man name Marvin “Slush” Gross from the Southeastern side of Washington, DC. The dance style took on a series of different names before “Beat Ya Feet” was the established name of choice. Beat Ya Feet foundations come from the sound of the music that may influence some of the moves that have been created overtime. The dance is high energy with a great blend of comedic battle tactics. Watching the best of the best in a Beat Ya Feet battle will leave you in stitches from laughter.

The Beat Ya Feet dance culture is most seen in Washington, D.C.’s local clubs or as DC natives express it as “the Go-Go”. Go-Go music is a subgenre of funk music with an emphasis on specific rhythmic patterns, and live audience call and response. Go-Go's essential beat is characterized by a five through four syncopated rhythm that is underscored prominently by the bass drum and snare drum, and the hi-hat... [and] is ornamented by the other percussion instruments, especially by the conga drumsrototoms, and hand-held cowbells. This genre of music, often experienced live will have everyone grooving to the beat!

After almost two decades, the movement has received national and international exposure. There has been a series of different local groups that emerged from the style and became household names as pioneers of a dance culture. Beat Ya Feet is currently embraced by not only the local talent but overseas as well. The movement has grown to have a presence in Poland, Brazil, India and Peru. Beat Ya Feet has also been seen on platforms such as local news stations, MTV, BET, UPN currently The Bounce Network, HBO just to name a few.

Beat Ya Feet has been acknowledged by the Washington, D.C. government and the community for keeping the D.C. dance culture alive and soon with hopes to be deemed the official dance style of Washington, D.C.